Monday, 21 January 2008

Part of my scrap book

Hi Adam,at the moment am using the same scrap book for the font design and my own collection.Hope it is okay to use both in one.Followings are some of the collection.It really helps me a lot.When am running shortage of ideas,i always refer to my scrape book to get inspired.Any comment if i am on the write track.Thanks for introducing the idea of scrape book


AG said...

APOLOGIES- I'm sorry for asking where your influences are - they are of course here. This blog is great. It's clear where and what you have been looking at is. Keep this up. It's really working. Try and give your Postcard work a function and narrative.

feedangesom said...

It is okay.U weren't criticizing.U were telling me to be more productive.I really appreciate whatever u said.It is for my own benefit.Thanks again.