Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Forerunner Records branding live brief

Currently i have been given to design logos and record sleeves.Forerunner Records is a record label which is going to be part of the FEED brand(in my college - Mathew Boulton College).This is part of my sketchbook.The final logo and sleeve design to be posted shortly.

"With CD packaging,like magazines,books etc,the design is experienced through time and interaction.Ideas can be revealed as a narrative.I don't have a problem with this.I don't want to see everything at once;I don't want to see the end of a film at the same time as the beginning"

Ian Anderson,The Designers Republic

Logos that i have designed for the forerunner record sleeve label

Dance music sleeves label layout

Rock band sleeve label layout

Letterheads layout

Business cards layout

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