Saturday, 2 February 2008

Carousel Storybook,"MR MESSY LOST HIS HAT"

My carousel storybook for the popup and cutout storybook brief.


AG said...

What passion and dedication - bloody brilliant. i hope you are enjoying this because it looks great - i would like you to take this kind of approach into other areas. Maybe later when we re-adress your identity work for your CV - well done

feedangesom said...

Hi Adam,thanks for ur comment recently.It really means a lot to me.To be honest with u,i reall enjoyed doing this story book.Thanks to Cal as well for introducing us this kind of method.At the moment this is the kind of style that i have planned to apply to my personal drawing proposal - Drawing lesson with Michell.As u said i might start thinking to shape my identity in such style as well.Once again thanks

feedangesom said...
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