Saturday, 2 February 2008

Hi Adam,Hope u r okay.Well,as to the Postcode brief i have got this idea.But i don't know if it works or not.The idea is to show good wishes from Moor Street Station.I am thinking to make my postcard large(the one that i gave u on Friday) in a kind of box as u can see from my pictures that i attach.From the front u will see the bon voyage font with the city.And i will make the different train lines as if they are coming out of the city to different destinations.And each train lines to be rreplace with different city(like London,Wolverhapton,...).

From behind u will see different images and the typography "have a safe journey".This is not my final idea.I will develope it further more.This is just to show u whether it works or not.Any way,we will talk about it in the class.Take care and will see u soon


AG said...

it looks really interesting the type is certainly looking strong - I'm not sure how this is meant to be presented? Is this a gift? Does it have packaging? How do you want the thing to be received and how are you meant to feel after have seen it?

Let's talk about it tomorrow. Lot's of great work here - where's all the stuff you have been looking at? Influences and inspiration?

feedangesom said...

Thanks for ur constructive comment.I will develop it further in the kind of style u showed me today.Thanks again for introducing me with Saul Bass.