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+plus08 International Design Festival

5-8 November 2008, Birmingham, UK
Run by designers for designers, the Plus International Design Festival will provide a platform for professional designers, artists and makers to showcase their work; serve as an arena for experimental work; a forum for academic debate; and a meeting point for the international design community.

The 2008 Festival takes as its theme ‘Hybrid’ which will be applied across a range of activities including exhibitions, talks, walking tours and demonstrations. Hybrid has been chosen as the focus of this year’s event as it not only aptly describes Britain - which is a unique country that has developed in an exceptional way - but it also expresses the current state of graphic communication.

Birmingham is a hybrid community that absorbs, transforms and transmits myriad influences from around the world to create something new and exciting, but still recognizably British. Graphic and typographic design are also fusion disciplines that amalgamate graphic languages from around the world and from across the other creative areas – often with interesting results. The 2008 Festival seeks to expose the hybrid in design.

Feed offers students a platform to showcase their work to a professional standard,enabling them to work across different mediums of design for print,motion and interactive graphics in addition to media,photography,music and art.





Jamie Wieck/Airside/UK
I Don't Like It! 20 things you don't want to hear when rebranding your own company
Airside is a cross-platform design agency that works in moving image, graphic design, illustration, digital and real world interaction. Founded ten years ago by Alex Maclean, Fred Deakin and Nat Hunter, Airside's unique approach has won many awards. Despite their small size Airside is currently third in Design Week's Top 50 UK Creative Agencies, behind Apple at number one. "Airside tend to throw away the rule book and replace it with something much darker - or lighter - depending on who you are or what they think you need!' D&AD
Jamie Wieck/Airside/UK_1

Jamie Wieck/Airside/UK_2

Jamie Wieck/Airside/UK_3

Nathalie Fallaha/Design Principal,Vit-e/Lebanon

Lebanese Graphic Design: a Homogeneous Hybrid
Nathalie Fallaha, Lebanese winner of the International Young Design Entrepreneur Award for 2008, studied graphic design at the American University of Beirut; she got her bachelor of Graphic Design in 1997, then moved to Central Saint Martins in London UK to pursue a Masters in Communication Design. Since 2000, she has been teaching Graphic Design and Typography at the Lebanese American University, as well as running her graphic design studio vit-e. Her work has been published by Die Gestalten Verlag lately in “Arabesque: Graphic Design from the Arab World and Persia”, by Index Book in “Well-Seasoned: Best of Restaurant Graphics”, and by Rockport Publishers in “The Anatomy of Design: Uncovering the Influences and Inspirations in Modern Graphic Design”.
A lecturer, member of juries and practicing graphic designer, she has participated in exhibitions in Lebanon, Britain, France and Holland. Her work reveals a deep interest in the relation between Latin and Arabic typography. She publishes articles, attends and speaks at various graphic design and typography conferences around the world.
Homogeneous Hybrid_1

Homogeneous Hybrid_2

Homogeneous Hybrid_3

Homogeneous Hybrid_4

Homogeneous Hybrid_5

We Make Art
'We Make Art'is a group of freelance graphic designers,artists and writers that collaborate on a multitude of briefs from film and animation to print publications and branding work.No one is employed and no one is sacked...

This piece of work is designed br Adam Guy - Creative Director at the Matthew Boulton College Feed Studio.

Coventry University,School of Art and Design_1

Coventry University,School of Art and Design_2

Coventry University,School of Art and Design_3

Coventry University,School of Art and Design_4

Coventry University,School of Art and Design_5

Coventry University,School of Art and Design_6

Coventry University,School of Art and Design_7

Coventry University,School of Art and Design_8

13 years,177 campaigns,75 brands,9 designers.From brand identity to ad campains,3D modelling to exhibition;packaging to web design - Fluid combine a strategic approach with cutting edge design.



Jonathan Barnbrook | Barnbrook Design | UK

Language is virus

Barnbrook is arguably most recognised for his work on the cover artwork of David Bowie's 2002 album Heathen which featured the debut for his 'Priori' typeface. Other well-known fonts designed by Barnbrook (and released through 'VirusFonts’) include Bastard, Exocet, False Idol, Infidel, Moron, Newspeak, Olympukes, Sarcastic, Shock & Awe, and Tourette. Many have emotive and controversial titles reflecting the style and themes of Barnbrook's work. From 1997-2003 Barnbrook collaborated with Damien Hirst, most notably on the design, layout and typography of his book I Want To Spend the Rest of My Life Everywhere, with Everyone, One to One, Always, Forever, Now.
Barnbrook Design_1

Barnbrook Design_2


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